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Credit vs. debit


So, now you understand your paycheck, have planned your monthly expenses and savings goals in your budget, and have considered your banking options, let’s talk about different ways of spending that precious money of yours. Credit cards and debit cards have

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Banking options 101

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You have decoded your paycheck, made a monthly budget and are ready to take on the world! Well, not quite. Before you start spending, it is important to understand the banking options available to you; in other words, where and how you

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Making a Budget

Making a budget

Now that you understand just how much you have actually made from your hard work by decoding your paycheck let’s talk about making a budget. A budget is a plan for earning and spending and is helpful because it allows you to

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Decoding your paycheck

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So, what is financial literacy? It is a topic that, at times, can even be difficult for people with many years of work experience to understand, but don’t be intimidated! In its most basic form, financial literacy is the ability

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