Jackson James was a high school junior when he attended a CONNECT2Careers’ (C2C) job fair in downtown San Diego. Following the event, he decided to log on to C2C’s website and create an account, hoping it’d help him find a job in San Diego.

“With my mother working all the time and not being home, I had to grow up faster and help take care of things around the house since money was tight,” says Jackson. “This is what led me to begin my job search and why I decided to attend C2C’s job fair back in March.”

After creating an account Jackson was paired with a peer job coach. “I was provided with helpful tips like following up with applications and interview preparation skills, which helped me land my current job at Jack in the Box.” Since beginning his job, Jackson shares that he has gained valuable work experience and “learned how to adapt and work efficiently in a fast-paced environment.”

Jackson is now going in to his senior year of high school with aspirations of going to college at either Sonoma State or Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and majoring in engineering or science. “I am now able to save up for my future and do nicer things in my spare time like go out to eat with friends,” he says.

“I would like to thank CONNECT2Careers as a whole and a special thank you to my job coach,” says Jackson. “They were a huge help in my search for a job and were beneficial to me in countless ways. They helped me become a productive member of society and a better person in general.”